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Combining the Best of Complementary and Conventional Cancer Therapies.

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Welcome to Life Cancer Care

Life Cancer care is a fully integrated, Cancer centre based in Hong Kong bringing together Complementary, Alternative and Conventional Treatments to achieve maximum results for patients with minimum toxicity.

Our Multidisciplinary team of Doctors, Nurses, Nutritionists and Health practitioners work closely together to achieve the best outcome and provide the essential knowledge and psychological support needed for true healing.

Why We’re Different

Why Life Cancer Care

Life Cancer Care was formed out of a need to improve the patient’s experience through their fight against Cancer and increase their odds of beating it.
We incorporate all our Cancer services under one roof ensuring a continuity and constancy of care, with the focus on guiding and supporting the patient through their journey.

Personalised treatment plan

Personalised Treatment Plans

We help patients and their loved ones navigate the difficult, and sometimes conflicting treatment options available and design Personalised Treatment Programs to fit their unique circumstances and regain their energy and vitality. 

Our Approach to Cancer

Test for root causes

Test for Root Causes

We identify the causes, triggers and imbalances in the body which may have contributed to the cancer developing in the first instance. We then address these imbalances to increase the chance of treatment success and reduce the chance of it recurring somewhere else.

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Non Toxic Therapies

Non-Toxic Therapies

Many patients are afraid of the potential side-effects of standard conventional options, and prefer, if they can, to take the natural path. We advise them on which approach is best for their specific case, and guide them through their diet, supplements and non-toxic therapies.

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