We treat cancer of every type and every stage. No case is completely beyond help, although obviously, the earlier patients seek help the more can be done for them. 

We work with patients to develop a personalised treatment plan for them to help them achieve the best outcome possible for them. For those going through conventional cancer treatments, we support them through their chemotherapy or radiotherapy and, whenever possible, work closely with their oncologist. 

The treatment process involves 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Initial Assessment

ConsultationEach patient starts with a detailed consultation to understand exactly how their cancer first developed, what tests and treatments they have already had, and what their personal preferences are.

Some patients feel strongly they only want to have natural treatments, whereas others feel more secure following the conventional path. A third type are flexible and will consider treatment options from both camps.

Everyone is different, but whatever the personal beliefs and preferences, we will work with them and their families to go through the options, and design a personalised Cancer treatment plan that works for them.

Step 2. Specialised Genetic & Functional Medicine testing

TestingCentral to our approach is to understand what imbalances in the body made it possible for the tumour to develop in the body and continue to exist. These can include factors like a weak digestive system, deficiencies in vital vitamins and minerals, or build-up of environmental pollutants and heavy metals in the body. Our ability to detoxify such harmful substances, differs greatly from person to person, and is partly determined by our genes.

We use both genetic and functional tests to look for these imbalances and weaknesses, and then address them in our treatment program.

We also perform specific tests to help plan and monitor treatment response. These include:

  • Circulating Tumour Cell (or “liquid biopsy”)
  • Circulating Tumour DNA
  • Cancer Cell sensitivities (to natural or conventional treatments)
  • Non-Specific Cancer Markers (like HCG)
  • Nagalase

Plus conventional tests such as:

  • PET-CT’s
  • MRI / CT’s
  • Ultrasounds
  • 3D Mammograms
  • Tumour Markers

Step 3. Building a Personalised Treatment Plan

Treatment PlanEach patient then receives a personalised program based on our '7 pillars of Cancer Recovery'.

Many people are looking for that “silver bullet” that cures all, without realising that a strong foundation of anti-cancer diet, exercise, positive mindset and detoxification (our first 4 pillars) makes all the difference between success and failure.

Our team of Physicians, Nutritionists, Functional Medicine Practitioners, Nurses, and Therapists work together to support patients through every step of their treatment program.

Find out about our '7 pillars of Cancer Recovery'.