At Life Cancer Care, we believe that there is no single treatment, drug, herb or supplement that can cure all Cancer. 

Just like in boxing, we might hope for a “one punch” knock-out, but most victories are not won like that.  Most fights are won on “points”, or by the accumulation of consistently and reliably “doing the right things”.  It is better to do a little of a lot, than a lot of any one thing.

So, what are the “right things” to do?

7 Pillars of Cancer Recovery

We believe there are 7 vital actions that every Cancer sufferer must master. People who have successfully beaten Cancer often take these 7 consistent and regular actions. We call these the “7 pillars to Beating Cancer"

  • Pillar I: Diet 
  • Pillar II:  Exercise 
  • Pillar III: Mind Body Health 
  • Pillar IV: Detoxification 
  • Pillar V: Supplements 
  • Pillar VI: IV therapies 
  • Pillar VII: Physical Treatments

All Cancer sufferers should incorporate these in to their recovery plan.

For advanced or aggressive Cancers, there are 3 more pillars we would consider:

  • Pillar VIII: Low dose or Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy
  • Pillar IX: Targeted therapies
  • Pillar X: Immunotherapy (eg. Natural Killer Cells)