Anti-Cancer DietStudies have shown an association between poor diet and cancer risk.  A healthy diet is not only important to reduce the risk of developing cancer, but for those who already have it, it is even more vital if they are to overcome the disease.

For those fighting cancer, the right diet is important to build up the body and immune system, while starving the cancer cells of nutrition.   

Specific foods have also been found to contain anti-cancer substances, such as Allicin from garlic, Isoflavones from lentils and beans, and plant sterols from green tea.

How we help

An optimal nutritional program may consist of a personalized meal plan and select nutritional supplements to maximise nutrition and optimise metabolic function.

At Life Cancer Care, our Physicians and Nutritionists work closely together to help patients understand the fundamental principles of an anti-cancer diet and give personal advice, meal plans and recipes depending on each patient's unique condition.

Diet’s our team may utilise include:

  • Ketogenic Diet
  • Kelly Diet
  • Budwig
  • Gerson
  • Low fat diet
  • Detox Diet
  • Intermittent fasting

What our Experts say

- Dr Joseph Brenner talks about the role of Nutrition in Cancer treatment.