Blood testsWe use the latest functional and early cancer detections tests as well as the most advanced Cancer genomics and DNA tests.

These differ from hospital tests because they are purely looking at the tumour while we are interested in what is going on in not only the cancer but also the body.

Cancer sensitivity

We use a test to determine not only what the chemotherapy sensitivity the cancers have but also the natural sensitivity so we can use the apocopate treatment specifically for you.

MRI and PET-CT scans

Located close to our facility we have access to the latest imaging and can order these tests and have them processed taking the stress away on where to find these services.

Know tumour markers

We are able to use known blood tumour markers in the monitoring of the cancer and the success of the treatment.

Nagalase and other tests are able to get early detection (under 5mm) and also to ensure that all signs of cancer our out of your body.