Cancer detoxLiving in the modern world, our bodies tend to accumulate toxic substances such as pollutants, pesticides and heavy metals over the years.

These substances can lead to a variety of symptoms and disease, and may partly explain the worrying rise in cancer (predicted to increase by 50% over the next 20 years). 

They also distract our immune system, which is so preoccupied with coping with the toxic burden, that there are less available to focus on the cancer cells.  

Cleaning our bodies, and opening up our detox pathways, is an integral part of our treatment plans.  This is especially important as treatment begins and cancer cells begin to die producing more toxic breakdown products.

How we can help

We teach you how to maximise your body's natural detoxification pathways with methods such as:

  • Skin Brushing
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Far Infra-red sauna
  • Coffee enemas
  • Colonics
  • IV Glutathione