Hyperthermia treatmentHyperthermia is a treatment method that uses radio waves to introduce heat deep in the body into the tumorous areas and kill cancer cells.

Since damage to the cancer cells appears at 42 degrees centigrade, Hyperthermia devices use heat between 42 and 56 degrees for the cancer-killing effect.

Since Hyperthermia works with no damage to normal tissues and with no side effects, cancer treatment is possible in areas where radiation therapy cannot be used. Additionally, Hyperthermia is a treatment option for patients in poor general condition who cannot undergo toxic treatments in the hospital.

How we help

We provide Hyperthermia as our complementary treatment to conventional Cancer care. Our Oncologists work closely with your Oncology team to increase the overall effectiveness of your cancer treatment.

What our consultants say

- Dr Joseph Brenner talks about Hyperthermia treatment.