Supplements and HerbsAn appropriate supplement regimen can help reduce the toxicity of conventional therapy and contribute to your overall quality of life.

If you are receiving conventional treatment, it is also very important that your supplements do not interfere with the effectiveness of conventional treatments.  If supplements oppose the action of chemotherapy or interact with either the uptake or elimination of a drug then they may not be safe.

Even after the right supplements are chosen, you will still need advice about dosage and the exact product to take.

How we help

At Life Cancer Care, we use the highest quality Pharmaceutical grade supplements that are tailored to you and your exact condition. Our expert team of Physicians will tailor make a supplement regime that can enhance your quality of life, improve the efficacy of conventional treatment and help to reduce the side affects you may be feeling.

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What our Experts say

- Prof Daniel Webber talks about the role of supplements in Integrative Oncology