Cancer tumor markers are used by doctors and oncologists to help them diagnose and track changes in cancer development or remission in patients. They’re also used to determine when to implement chemotherapy or immunotherapy after surgery.  They’re composed of proteins which are produced both by normal cells and cancer cells, however, they’re produced in much greater quantities in cancer cells. These proteins can be found in blood, urine, stool and tumor tissues. 

Rife therapy is a form of treatment during which electromagnetic frequencies are delivered to the body by devices which emit specific frequencies to target specific types of cells.

The body makes energy from the food it consumes, which is typically made up of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. When we break these down during digestion we obtain glucose, amino acids and fatty acids. Our cells make energy primarily from two fuel sources, either glucose or fatty acids. The fatty acids are converted into ketones, which are then used as an energy source. This process been established through evolution in order to help humans to adapt to the changing environment and the fluctuating availability of food.

Breast cancer in Hong Kong is on the rise, with 4000 new cases diagnosed per year, making it the third most common cancer, after lung and colorectal. Despite conventional treatments now providing better 5-year survival rates than in the past, women still face fear and confusion when it comes to deciding how to treat and deal with the disease

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The goal of functional medicine is to understand the root causes of why a patient has cancer. The human body was designed to be healthy and have a healthy immune response and healthy cell regeneration and repair. Several factors can contribute to whether a body loses these functions and becomes susceptible to developing cancer.

Immune system

Having cancer means you’re more likely to have a weakened immune system, as it is your immune system which has the ability to identify and destroy rogue cancer cells in the body. What causes a weakened immune system is due to many factors, but one the most influential factors is diet and nutrients.